Our company

Marketing and export of citrus

We are a company specialized in production, marketing and export of citrus to the international market and the industry.

We are motivated by a deep respect for tradition without sacrificing the latest technology advances to deliver a quality product environmentally respectful.


deep respect for tradition

Our PHILOSOPHY lies, from the beginning, in a deep respect for tradition without sacrificing the latest technology advances to deliver the best quality product to our clients.

Our HEADQUARTERS are located in Potríes (Gandia, Valencia) with our PACKAGING FACILITIES. We also own FARMS with the most advanced technology which, together with our experience of more than 80 years, puts us at the forefront of the industry.

We are currently in the fourth generation of this family buisiness, being formed by a coordinated MULTIDISIPLINAR TEAM of professionals with years of experience including Industrial and Agricultural Engineering, Financial Experts, Economists, Accountants, Technicians, etc..

Our WORK CULTURE is based on mutual respect and trust that adapts with flexibility to the needs of our customers at all times.

Origins and Evolution

fourth generation of this family business

We are a CITRUS EXPORT COMPANY, specialized in our own citrus production, marketing and export, with more than 80 years of history.

JUAN OLASO SA was founded in 1929 by Juan Olaso and continued by his descendants. We are currently in the fourth generation of this family business, being renowned for a strong entrepreneurial spirit of export pioneering at both  ational and international markets.

Currently the company has confidence in its future continuity with the participation of relatives of its founder. We face an optimistic future to have the trust of our clients and facilities at the forefront of the industry.

Packaging central

Tradition and Technology

Our PACKAGING CENTRAL (16.000m2) includes the latest technological advances to improve the handle and package of citrus fruits.

Our packaging processes include a pre-calibration line, in which the fruit is disinfected, selected, protected, classified by size and palletized by an electronic calliper by size, colour and quality. The packaging lines include automatic gauges, automatic filling, mesh machines, girsack machines, palletizers, automatic collection and automatic strapping pallets. Packaging facilities also include a pre-cooling chamber with a capability of 20Tn per hour, with a charging storage area with temperature control with a capability up to 150Tn of fruit, and various cold storage and / or greening chambers with a total capacity of 2.500Tn.

All this technology allows us to offer our customers the highest quality product with the high flexibility from the point of view of delivery times and packaging types.

Farms and Citrus production

We also maintain experimental plantations

We invest the most modern farming technology in our own FARMS to ensure the best quality and maximum respect for the environment and health, supported by international and acknowledged quality certifications.

We produce differenet CITRUS VARIETIES of clementines, mandarines, satsumas and oranges: Clausellina, Okitsu Satsuma, Satsumas and Clementines nucellar of first maturation, Novas (Mandarin or Clemenvilla), Fortunes, and Ellendales Ortaniques, Salustianas Navelinas and gilts, Late Navel, Navel Lane Late and Valencia Late…

We also maintain experimental plantations, to test early or late orange and Clementine new varieties, searching for improvements in size, appearance and taste to improve our products, being at the forefront of the citrus industry in that sense.

Finally, we supplement our production with that of a group of associated farmers with whom we have forged a strong business relationship by years of collaboration, grouped in an Agrarian Transformation Society, subsidiary of JUAN OLASO S.A. In addition to export their citrus crops, we assume the management of their farms, to ensure its quality for our customers.