Tradition and Technology

Packaging central

Our PACKAGING CENTRAL (16.000m2) includes the latest technological advances to improve the handle and package of citrus fruits.

Our packaging processes include a pre-calibration line, in which the fruit is disinfected, selected, protected, classified by size and palletized by an electronic calliper by size, colour and quality. The packaging lines include automatic gauges, automatic filling, mesh machines, girsack machines, palletizers, automatic collection and automatic strapping pallets. Packaging facilities also include a pre-cooling chamber with a capability of 20Tn per hour, with a charging storage area with temperature control with a capability up to 150Tn of fruit, and various cold storage and / or greening chambers with a total capacity of 2.500Tn.

All this technology allows us to offer our customers the highest quality product with the high flexibility from the point of view of delivery times and packaging types.